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Title: NEW EPISODE TONIGHT - Cellar Dwellers - Home Winemaking

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02/27/2010 09:20 PM EST
NEW EPISODE TONIGHT - Cellar Dwellers - Home Winemaking
12/22/2009 08:00 PM EST
69 - Cellar Dwellers - Home Winemaking
11/02/2009 09:15 PM EST
68 - Cellar Dwellers - Home Winemaking
10/04/2009 08:00 PM EDT
67 - Cellar Dwellers - Home Winemaking
09/29/2009 09:00 PM EDT
66 - Cellar Dwellers - Home Winemaking
09/07/2009 07:29 PM EDT
65 - Cellar Dwellers - Home Winemaking
10/28/2008 09:00 AM EDT
64 - The Numbers Guy with a Fall 2008 Winemaking Update
10/11/2008 08:00 AM EDT
63 - Homage to the Cellar Dwellers and the French
07/07/2008 09:00 PM EDT
62 - Cellar Dwellers Last Hurrah
04/14/2008 09:00 PM EDT
61 - Our Top 10 Best UNOBVIOUS Winemaking Tips
03/31/2008 09:00 PM EDT
60 - Cellar Dwellers - Home Winemaking - NOW ON MONDAYS
01/22/2008 09:00 PM EST
59 - Cellar Dwellers tasting 2004 Zen of Zin
11/27/2007 09:00 PM EST
58 - Cellar Dwellers - Home Winemaking
11/13/2007 09:00 PM EST
57 - In mid-season; tasting Hop Kiln - Big Red
10/16/2007 09:00 PM EDT
56 - Back from a week biking in Italy; tasting 2 Brothers 05 Big Tattoo Red


Learning and creating - Reviewer: Slock34 01/23/13 08:08 AM EST
Full Comment: I've been listening to the Podcasts since mid 2011 and have learnt so much from these guys. I was originally a brewer and have dabbled in mead but now find myself loving wine making through fresh grapes and kits. The vast knowledge of Dave, TOG and Alpha King make the show really enjoyable. I'm currently up to Podcast 43 and am enthralled. Thanks guys, happy winemaking for years to come!

Dave & TOG - Reviewer: bruceblackburn 10/11/10 09:42 PM EDT
Full Comment: Love the show. Done kits and fresh juice from wineries, ready to try grapes. Hope you keep us informed of your wine making (and biking, traveling and running ) this year. Does Carl ( the grape man ) sell smaller quantities of premium grapes (under 200lbs) ? Please come back , we need some more Dave and TOG!!!

Great show! Drink, drink, and be merry - Reviewer: Mark Juliano 09/15/10 07:03 PM EDT
Full Comment: These guys really know how to make wine and have lots of fun doing it. Try it, you'll like it.

Hey Dave and TOG (did I hear Mike?) - Reviewer: deraley 04/06/10 11:38 PM EDT
Full Comment: Just started listening about 2 weeks ago to the first shows. I'm up to episode 18 already but still have a long way to go. I really enjoy your style (laid-back, funny and informative) which is perfect for the subject matter. I feel like I'm right there with you having a glass of wine - even though I'm stone cold sober and on a 4 hour drive for my job. I'm working on getting my first honeybee hive going, and if that works and doesn't take to much time - then I'm going to start my first home made wine this September - with a kit. I haven't looked ahead, hoping you've done a show on kit wines. Wish me luck and keep broadcasting - and if you ever want to send me some olive oil - then I'll send you some honey (or maybe even mead). I'll send you an email if my my bee's deliver - or later in the year, if my yeasts (what is the plural of yeast - yeastesisis?). deliver!

Excellant Return - Reviewer: Karli29 10/08/09 07:36 PM EDT
Full Comment: Hey Guys! I started listening at the tail end of your show and got hooked. I have listened to most of the programs. Very happy to have you back. I've done alot of country wines but I'm still "that guy" (gal) that makes the cruddy homemade wines, mainly because I'm too lazy to follow instructions. But, feeling inspired and can't wait to catch you on a live show. Welcome back!

Lucky - Reviewer: jtravisbradford 09/20/09 06:18 PM EDT
Full Comment: I have been listening to your show for a few months now on iTunes catching up to more recent episodes. I was listening to at least one show five times a week on my lunches at work. I was putting the "last show" on my iPod when my computer crashed. I had to do a complete reset of my laptop. Lost everything. While I was putting things back together I down loaded your show from iTunes to find that you had posted another show. If my computer had crashed one day later I may have missed it by thinking that I had already listened to your last show. I plan to make my own wine soon and have learned a lot from your show. It was fate that my computer crashed when it did. Luckily I was able to eventually retrieve everything. Thank you for coming back guys. Travis in Kentucky

- Reviewer: Hawke 09/11/09 03:52 PM EDT

AWESOME SHOW!!! - Reviewer: Thesmartguy77 07/12/07 12:47 PM EDT
Full Comment: I never thought that I would be into making wine but after listening to your show you have inspired me to join in on this neat hobby. I have been researching the principles of making wine and plan on buying a kit this week. I'm glad that you have gotten me interested in the art of winemaking because I live in a prime location for it being that I live in upstate newyork near the finger lakes. Although I'm having a difficult time finding genuine wine grapes or a winery that sells grapes and not just wine I will be relentless in finding wine grapes whether there from newyork, california or anywhere in the continental united states. I just have a few questions that maybe you could answer in your next show. First, is it possible to wines from other fruits than just grapes or is the sugar content to low. Also, is there any places besides a wine shop that would have yeasts for wine, potassium metabysolphate, or crusher and destemmmers? Also, why can you not say the other guy's name? You don't have to answer, just uhhhhhhh..... just throwin' it out there.

Great Wine (formerly Wine Making) Show - Reviewer: flemingjim1953 05/16/07 03:49 PM EDT
Full Comment: Hello TOG & Dave... It took me two weeks but now I've listened to all of your first forty shows... The only suggestion I have is to try and dedicate a bit more time in your shows back to wine making... Personally I think you guys are a hoot... But a bit more of the winemaking stuff would be nice. Jim Fleming

Great Information for the winemaker and wine lover - Reviewer: tbachta 04/17/07 08:41 PM EDT
Full Comment: Just found your show via iTunes on the 15th already listening to #34 and loving it, you guys do a great job. I have made a few batches from kits and am now wanting to move up the the big leagues. I am thinking about purchasing 4 tubs of the Brehm's frozen must 2 og the Malbec and 2 of the Grenache, Russian River for the Malbec and the Eagle Point for the Grenache. Plan on blending some of the Grenache with the Malbec and then bottling some 100% Grenache. Your next talkcast I plan on joining in live so hopefully I will have the order placed and some frosty grapes on their way. Keep up the great work. Thanks much. Tim

You guys are vino-riffic - Reviewer: Dr Matt DDS 02/14/07 01:14 AM EST
Full Comment: I found your podtalk a few weeks ago & totally enjoy it. I like the longer shows. My wife & I recently got back into home winemaking (in San Diego, CA) & are currently making a dry raspberry wine. We'll be sticking to fruit wines because, as a Californian, there are way too many fine $6-12 red wines out here for us to taste & enjoy. Dave, your insights have increased my enjoyment of both making & drinking wine. However as a fellow dentist, I relate a little closer to TOG & find myself agreeing with his passionate approach to the vino. Winemaking has been a great hobby for us--- it sure beats the opera or collecting baseball cards (because you can drink it!). Keep it up Numbers Guy & ye olde Passionate One- you guys are five star selections. Dr. Matt

A kit user that loves the show - Reviewer: jgibney 02/12/07 03:55 PM EST
Full Comment: I've been making wine for about a year, all from kits, and I love listening to these two. I've learned a lot from the podcast. Thanks gentlemen and keep up the good work.

An unlikely viewer - Reviewer: TysonMarshall 01/21/07 04:30 AM EST
Full Comment: A 20 year old guy from Washington State, not even legally allowed to purchase wine, runs across a Talkcast called, "Cellar Dwellers" and downloads them all. He loads the Talkcasts to his iPod, grabs a journal, and starts taking notes. Within 2 days, the 12 hours, 6 minutes, and 17 seconds of the first 12 Talkcasts are consumed (along with 20 pages from his journal) and he's off planning and preparing for the September buzz. Great Talkcast. It kept me, a 20 year old male entertained, for 6 hours before my flight to Hawaii and 6 hours during my flight to Hawaii. If I can learn how to make my own wine, so can you.

I love these Guys! - Reviewer: rjohnson54 09/06/06 11:47 PM EDT
Full Comment: The shows are very interested. Especially since I am a novice winemaker I am getting so much useful information. I like the new format, it seems to organize their thoughts. The virtual wine tasting is one of my favorite features. I just don't see the need to make the programs shorter. I listen for entertainment, shorter is not always better. Sometimes a couple of guys who rabble and get progressively intoxicated can be very funny. Thanks!

Truly Informative - Reviewer: gpompa 08/10/06 05:53 PM EDT
Full Comment: While I have listened to some episodes this was my first live Talkcast. Great experience! As a home winemaker I really appreciated the depth of the discussion. Very entertaining as well. Great ?Shoe? guys.

Good fun - Reviewer: Jonesy 07/12/06 09:53 AM EDT
Full Comment: I like the wine making talks and the fun these guys seem to be having.

Lots of fun - Reviewer: WinoLisa 06/27/06 09:41 PM EDT
Full Comment: Lots of fun, the guys obviously love drinking and making wine :) Great way to learn about the process, though some of details presented as facts aren't always 100% correct. Minor issue in an otherwise amazingly informative and enjoyable show!

You gotta like these 2 guys - Reviewer: LarryF 06/20/06 10:11 PM EDT
Full Comment: I listen to a few of these Talkcasts. The 2 guys are fun and actually know their winemaking very well. Highly recommended.

Funny and informative - Reviewer: aboone20 06/13/06 08:13 PM EDT
Full Comment: Try listening while enjoying your favorite vino ... you feel like you are right there with them making the wine. You've heard of "Click and Clack" ... these guys are "Clink and Drink."

They know how to make wine - Reviewer: wolf 06/07/06 12:36 PM EDT
Full Comment: These guys know what they are doing and it is entertaining to listen to them, especially during the last 15 minutes when they have had a little too much wine.